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Dependent elderly people pick up waste more than 2

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PostPosted: Wed 23:43, 23 Mar 2011    Post subject: Dependent elderly people pick up waste more than 2

reporter intern Cuixue Ping Peng Yu photo coverage
Pan Guang, the children have left the right, he was a person living alone, each winter and summer vacation has become his most looking forward to the day. Yang said the original, summer, and to go back to accompany Pan teacher, he was a lonely man, and even a speaker at all. Chen also expressed pride that they can not forget the kindness of teachers Pan, the elderly must take up old age.
for poor college students buy a cell phone

Pan Guang right and took care of some of the children the right photo
Pan Guang save those bottles for six months he had no wife and children

never bought new clothes. Pan Guang right to the money back and told them that their new clothes do not, but the old clothes he wants.
a time to let him do is report their situation at school.

last year, Deng Jun, a week home with the elderly and found that hair is all white teachers Pan. He said the issue is under consideration for the Aged.
is not only a bill, Pan Guang for the poor the right to regularly send students living at home to take care of a few poor students, the monthly wages of 1,400 yuan stretched. Pan Guang right to retire before the state reimbursed the cost of treatment of bone marrow disease, his own pocket after retirement, have to spend 1,000 yuan per quarter drugs. Raise money for the kids, he stopped medication; and had a habit of picking up trash, encounter waste paper, mineral water bottles were moved to the home. It was not on financial aid to colleagues by looking around.

66-year-old Pan Guang right without wives and children, these children have the phone call his father This is why?
children scrambling for his old age

The first day, I heard my colleagues complain about a poor family named Xiong Kewei also naughty student, who threatened to teach the child to worship him as a teacher.

hospitality in addition to their daily lives, Pan Guang right but also as the However, the balance of his salary less than 3,000 yuan on the card, my heart burst to tears: expenditure was 1,000 yuan entertain, but also a few children made nearly 10 scholarships to 3,000 yuan, and poor in the large truncated where to find it?

Pan Guang poor children the right to consent and parental consent, will they go home, purchase a bed,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], desk, color TV, air conditioning, but also for the children make delicious meals.

Put aside his phone, he looked around the small room, where the arrangement have not changed: as placed in the bed, leaving the book on the table did not move; only for the children acquired the air conditioning and color TV, To save money, Pan Guang and spend the right 20 years ago, the old fans and TV. Spare time, he likes his students used the single bed, or looking through this pile of books, my mind will emerge from the children stay up late to read, eat food fight scene ... ...
Pan Guang right that the phone does not allow them to jump on the bandwagon with, mainly to allow them to overcome their inferiority complex and learn self-reliance. Pan Guang right that with mobile phones, and more convenient for him to

student Yang original 2007 entrance exam, only 300 of points on society does not leave school only to find a good mix, the right to go to the Pan Guang phone, would like to repeat. The elan of the original order Cuocuo Yang, Pan Guang to give him the right to take the Last year, admitted the original Yang Chongqing University.

Come home to poor students
41 years, Pan Guang right to the money spent nearly 20 million, focused on helping more than 20 poor students, temporary help more than 100 students. Gang Lei, deputy secretary of Party Branch Riverside Middle School, told reporters Pan Guang no children right after retirement without savings, nor their own house, also housed in the school dorm ... ...

Third year, the Tang army suffering from tuberculosis, he shelled out 900 yuan treatment costs ... ...

Pan Guang right now are reluctant to buy a mobile phone, but since 2002, has for studying in the main city of Deng Jun, Chen Jiao, Xinjiang Zhu Lingyun other five poor students buy a cell phone, the highest price 1873 yuan, the lowest 490 yuan.
Pan Guang students the right to think that this lively, there is appeal, will he go to his class, and appointed as vice president and labor class members. Pan Guang prepared a small blackboard on the right, let Xiong Kewei famous epigram written every day, hanging in the classroom encouraged everyone, and asked each of his famous epigram on the spirit to not only understand but also to do; usual, Pan Guang Xiong Kewei the right to pay regular living expenses for the weekend invite him to the house sumptuous meal; Middle School that year, Xiong Kewei intend to drop out due to lack of money, Pan Guang right from their January wages of only 34 out of 18 yuan for him to pay the tuition.

Pan Guang no children of the right knee, but his family always full of laughter. Wave of students came another wave, for a long time more than 10 people, came from a 1 person, became a dormitory for poor students of his home.
he said, had nothing to pay the money for him is perhaps eat point, put on points, but in terms of the money for poor children is related to the lifetime of the future. But he was determined to help these poor children complete their education eager to learn of the mountain.
Pan Guang right cruise for a while in the house, suddenly playing 5 large pockets on the balcony of the idea of ​​mineral water bottles, which he spent six months picked up. Pan Guang recruited the right sling, a back pocket, left hand and right hand pocket of mineral water bottles out of the house with 4 ... ...
worried about.

Back to the place where the right of relocation and medical benefits Pan Guang, a total of 3 million yuan. This money is undoubtedly a huge sum at that time.
bamboo seats to wash,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], to clean the bathroom, TV to wipe, air conditioning, the right to repair ... ... Pan Guang arrangements with all these children to come home all need them.
later, Xiong Kewei results came up, admitted the original Wanxian the school, assigned to the county hospital of Chinese medicine after graduation. This year, Pan Guang rights transferred to Riverside Middle School.

He said he is also a mountain kid, who saw the school children of poverty who are eager to learn, to think of their childhood, so help them. Pan Guang right said he had no children,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], have them as their own children. 41 years, the reason for food and clothing to help, just do not want their hopes dashed because of poverty. Now, children are the elderly, family,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], work, and he did not want to disturb them, and myself had a very good person.

, there are more than 20 students called him 41 years, he spent nearly 20 million of money, or even by picking up litter, Dongnuexijie for hundreds of mountain safety and poor children had a father see him, in the county work Xiongke Wei invited him into the city ... ... summer vacations summer, Pan Guang right home phone are special a few days.

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

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