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xingang beijing convey the Palace Museum

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PostPosted: Tue 9:12, 01 Mar 2011    Post subject: xingang beijing convey the Palace Museum

Sanjian fang pavilion. West second pavilion. Emerald green glaze, yellow colored glaze TongWa top TongWa cut corner, double-hipped dome anise zan pointed type. The eaves massive cylons seven trample Romanesque chiefs which should ChanAng five crush, below the eaves, two troughs pillars, Romanesque chiefs which ought inside each have 8 basis. Approximately 142,000 meters pavilion high, establishing zone is approximately 110 square meters. In one of the original for taiyuan wufang Buddha amitabha Buddha), Amita (for copper hurling gold-plating of Buddha, was the allied forces of the moment to ease.
Jingshan park another famed place of humanities scenery namely chongzhen hanged himself in place. Jingshan foothill, native 1 individual factory eastern tilted low old scholartree, this is the place ZhuYouJian hanged himself in Ming chongzhen. Li Ming,xingang beijing transfer, insurgents in 1644 March scored Beijing, chongzhen March 19 fled to jingshan,xingang, consciously kui YuZuXian inheritance to commit suicide in outlook wonderful pavilion strap of slanting above my scholartree. During the ten years old scholartree turmoil as "old 4" cut back on, 1981 in its new transplanting a tree namely traditional alleyways.
In 1996, the park authority ambition jianguo northwardly according the metropolis gates in dongcheng zone by 7 door one individual plant has over 150 years year-old traditional alleyways grafted into old scholartree place,cruise port transfer beijing, replaced 1981 new transplantation of small scholartree. Past dynasties are poetry review here. If YanDou mixed "into the qing empire have or:" lofty mountain, long live MiMi join cigarette tree; the marrow, sorrow is expected to emperor crow don't know place." In the 1950s, have knitted yue: "none queried, traditional alleyways Kings guilty without transgression along latch flails." Trees stand ahead ShuiMingPai fair into China's political barometers.
Now here are inscriptions clinic, made respectively: "Ming thought Pope XunGuo location" inscriptions: 1930, the Palace Museum ShenYinMo book le postponement of stone, 1931 in old scholartree side. Monuments, lofty 2 meters, positive longitudinal inscribes "Ming thought Pope XunGuo place" six characters. Among them, "sunny" word "eye" and "month" combination. On the right side of the ShangKuan as "republic of China", ashore the left of the March 19 years XiaKuan as "the citizen Palace Museum proposes". This memorial in 1944 plucked down in the temple tribunals shou dictator. But deathless my fame huang temple courtyard 1955 readiness of Beijing children's palace as 2, while cut as manhole cover use. In 1990, behind Beijing children's palace, and eventually in a quest apt detect the construction of stone. After repair, this steles made to his place.
Ming thought Pope XunGuo three hundred years monument: in 1944, Ming thought Pope died for 300 years old. Ming thought Pope XunGuo 3 centennial postponement of preparatory committee FuZengXiang articles, ChenYunGao ShuDan, PanLingGao Zhuan forehead, the Palace Museum, and made the monument in approval old scholartree side. Person for Beijing liu lichang engraved in ChenYunTing carve tablet ChenZhiJing as long as when the second earth battle, that Chinese Anti-Japanese War. The inscription considerable patriotism. Due to the inscription, so the impiety li insurgents monuments in 1955 August according to vice mayor of Beijing wu's instruction destroyed, its place in ShuiMingPai of wood. During the "cultural revolution", this monument by lazio broke in two partitions, to do the park stone chart.
July 2003 was jingshan employee in the park in rediscovered. On May 7, 2004 and telling as of, March 19 years XiaLi JiaShen complicated in its place. Longevity huang temple is for the Ming and qing dynasty emperor TingLing,xingang cruise, deposit bordered photos and the ancestors, namely "Lord artistry palace". The temple in Ming dynasty,xingang seaport, the qing qianlong jingshan northeast old house demolition, the new practice today is situated in the north jingshan, the plans of the ancient city of Beijing on the chief imperial temple.

xingang apt excellent walls audio-visual consider much

wharf of tianjin December 19

xingang tianjin A few days later

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