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Township party secretary and the rendezvous was th

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PostPosted: Sun 6:58, 03 Apr 2011    Post subject: Township party secretary and the rendezvous was th

matter has been in the local spread
ago, I heard that They do, and once my wife sent the greetings to the Yang Xiqing SMS is I found that I talked with her,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], if she has the new choices, we can be separated. the most pathetic thing is My 3 year old son! phone number, respectively, and Shizhi Yan Yang Xiqing phone call. The results, after two phone dial Yang Xiqing, both men answered the phone said the wrong number. After the Shizhi Yan's mobile phone to call, and before reporters ask them
Zhao Jianming told reporters: , December 5 at 8 am,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], he came home, took his son to a private car to repair. Shi Zhiyan just get the license because his wife a few days ago, when reversing the car to crash. Later, Shi Zhiyan him to come to converge. Fix the car, Shi Zhiyan let him go home and rest, his mother and grandmother with his son drove to a guest, said the people to go home.

half an hour, so Zhao Jianming knocking 210 rooms, clothes and disheveled wife to open the door. gave Yang Xiqing two ears,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], and then pick up the Yang Xiqing the phone, just to see the county clerk's phone number, so he gave up and hit, and called the county party secretary dealing with ... ...
6 o'clock in the afternoon, Zhao Jianming did see Shi Zhiyan home. Zhao Jianming give his wife called, did not expect to have even set aside a dozen no answer. Zhao Jianming Dial-a small Yimei and mother, learned that Shi Zhiyan afternoon drove to Lincang. still no answer.

next day, county in the investigation team set up to find Zhao Jianming information. admonishing remarks will be removed from Shizhi Yan, and Zhao Jianming because his brother went to the scene after the incident, the removal treatment.
one pair had the matter heard the locals say, the matter has been spread in a certain range. Many people on the issue of local sources or through the network, / p>
yesterday afternoon, Fengqing Committee Propaganda Department responded: After the incident, the county has established a special investigation team to investigate; present, the incident is under investigation, pending the results of the investigation will be published; As the investigation The results did not come out, Yangxi Qing and Shi Zhiyan work is still normal, Yang Xiqing in the original post office, and Shi Zhiyan need to adjust due to cadres at the end of December 2010 transferred to the party town of Rockwell, director of Justice.

female Zhao Jianming, director of the husband:

female director to be transferred
2 个 hour later,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], Zhao Jianming to Lincang City, he went to the various hotels to search again, did not find his wife, did not see their own car. Later he and his colleagues called his wife unit, that together with his wife and colleagues, such as secretary of the Yang Xiqing is to eat, and opened in Lincang hotel room.

as it involves government officials, betrayal, and other socially sensitive field unto the word, wherever users are highly concerned about. Is it true or false, this newspaper carried an interview.

reporter Lin Xia Recently, a message circulated on the Internet - December 5 last year, Dasi Township, Lincang Fengqing and Dasi Township party secretary Yang Xiqing Shizhi Yan, director of Justice at the hotel tryst was Shizhi Yan's husband Zhao Jianming scene captured. Section of the county party secretary Zhao Jianming Chunxu give the spot called Jianming Zhao Jianguo brother (s Deputy Secretary for the earthquake) as been to the scene, the removal treatment. Zhao Jianming said the survey group treatment was unfair, saying the matter a great impact in the local.

county investigation team set up
news from the Internet

Subsequently, Zhao Jianming find this hotel, and found his wife in the total units in Taiwan, Dasi Township, where the government opened three rooms at the hotel. He then gave his wife to call his wife is still not connected. He gave his wife's colleagues called and told his wife to pick, who knows each other get through to installation of a drunk. , Zhao Jianming, a family went to look for entertainment, and soon the compound in an upscale karaoke Dasi Township found a bus. Many have been from 11 pm until 2 am, he finally saw his wife Shizhi Yan. to Lincang hotel. Subsequently, Yang Xiqing and the driver drove out of the hotel. Zhao Jianming originally intended to go, can not wait for him to leave the hotel, Yang Xiqing and the driver has a broken back. Then a man drove up to see the driver left the hotel. Hug he rushed to find.

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

Asphalt road is 20 meters long crack on the public

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