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pointed out that in many ed hardy shirt

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PostPosted: Tue 18:21, 22 Mar 2011    Post subject: pointed out that in many ed hardy shirt

The Economist's article pointed out that in many emerging countries the middle class has not grown incrementally, but explosively.[link widoczny dla zalogowanych] The rapid growth results from the fact that the majority of the people fall into the middle of a right-skewed? bell-shaped curve, and when the peak of the population curve crosses the threshold into the middle class, the number of people in the middle class grows enormously. In addition, when the curve crosses the threshold, economic forces cause the bulge to become taller as incomes at that level grow faster than incomes in other ranges.
Noseriding evolved during the 1960s out of the functional move of getting the surfboard in "trim", the goal being to stay just in front of the white water a?? the steepest and fastest part of the wave, known as the "pocket" the "slot", etc. If the forward speed of the surfboard is too slow, the wave will pass under board and the surfer will drift out its back or be relegated to the white water. Unfortunately noseriding does not accomplish the goal of trimming the board for maximum speed, maximum speed is achieved by tail riding, in much the same way as a powerboat trims itself at speed.[citation needed]
Hydrodynamically noseriding is inefficient as a means of accelerating the board, as planing craft need to reduce wetted surface area as they accelerate (because less wetted surface area is required to produce the necessary lift as the board moves faster).[link widoczny dla zalogowanych] Noseriding prevents a reduction in wetted surface area and thus limits the speed of the board. There is a very common misconception that noseriding accelerates the board but actually it is a slowing or stalling move.
In the 1960s noseriding developed into an end unto itself and the "nose" came to be defined as the front 25% of the board. While success at this sub-genre is grossly measured in proximity to the tip of the board and time spent there, the acknowledged artists (Nuuhiwa, Carson, Tudor, Marcon among them) move forward and backward fluidly on the board by cross-stepping or "walking" foot-over-foot (never shuffling) with poise and economy of movement,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], resolving changes in upward pressure with subtle adjustments to their center of gravity using knees,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych] waist and hips (upper bodies ever quiet) and position on the board; never the arm waving and upper body histrionics of most other surfers.

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